How to get two more sounds out of your Fender Telecaster

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Issue 340 October 17, 2019

Turn your Fender Telecaster into a workhorse that covers pretty much every sound you would need at a gig where you have to play lots of different kinds of music. Learn how to get two more sounds out of your Telecaster. A nice fat humbucker sound by using both pickups in series, and the bright, nasal out-of-phase humbucker like you’d hear from James Burton or Brian May.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • The difference between 3-way and 5-way Tele wiring
  • How to add two humbucker sounds to your Tele
  • Get the additional hum-cancelling benefits too

Wiring diagrams for Telecaster Super Switch mod
Download this PDF to support StewMac Trade Secrets Video #340.

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