Grain runout made this guitar bridge pop off!

youtube aoFdX_qw654

Issue 252 November 05, 2015

BANG! While this guitar was being played, the bridge popped off with a sound like a gunshot. Before Dan Erlewine glues it back on, he explains the likely cause of this trouble: grain runout in the guitar’s cedar top.

About the guitar in this video: this Alvarez classical has seen a lot of arpeggios. It’s a nice guitar built of solid woods—no plywood. The grain runout problem is not uncommon, even in quite expensive guitars.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • What is grain runout?
  • Dan gives a great little demonstration, with visual aids
  • Scoring and removing finish for better bridge gluing
  • Using the Saddlematic to correctly position the new bridge

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