Genuine Fender Bodies and Necks

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Now you can get genuine Fender guitar bodies and necks at StewMac. Choose from beautifully finished Stratocaster and Telecaster bodies in four fabulous colors. Need a neck? We've got 50s-style, 60s-style, and left-handed Strat and Tele necks too. Build your own guitar or customize your favorite guitar with quality parts manufactured by Fender.

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Excuse our noise and dust here at StewMac, we're working at our warehouse, but we wanted to show you that you can build a beautiful custom guitar in an afternoon, with genuine Fender parts [on screen text reads: Genuine Fender at StewMac]. It's a fantastic project, even if you have no building experience at all. Let's take a look.

Genuine Fender guitar bodies

[speaker 1 pulls fender body out of box and holds it] So as you can see, this finished Fender guitar body is a beautiful candy apple red. Awesome finish. This is even a very hard finish to do if you're an advanced finisher. We also have Strats in the classic three-tone sunburst, and we have two Teles as well, in black and Olympic white. They look fantastic. Everything is expertly routed. The holes for the neck are already drilled. The bridge is already located. One great thing is that you can pick whatever pickguard style you want [on screen image shows all of the stewmac pickguard styles], because none of the holes are drilled. That way you're not limited, you can find the perfect one for you.

Fender guitar necks

We have necks that go with these bodies perfectly. We have Strat and Tele necks. If you're looking for a '50s style, we've got that in both shapes. The Teles '50s neck has that classic, chunky Tele shape, that vintage amber look. The Strat '50s neck has that iconic V shape that we know and love. If you're more of a '60s player, we've got those too, for Strat and Tele. They both have these beautiful Pau Ferro fingerboards. They've got more of a C shape that was popular in the '60s.

Left-handed Strat and Tele necks

Also, if you're a lefty, we have left-handed Strat and Tele necks in a modern C shape, with a really nice satin finish on the back. And like all the Fender bodies, these are made by Fender in the Fender factory. They've got the real Fender logo, they've got all of the markings from when they made them at the factory. And they've also got that Fender Genuine Parts logo lasered into the back of the neck. There really isn't a nicer Fender neck that you can get off the shelf for these.

Complete hardware sets to make your build easy

And it's just that easy. Find the neck that you like, find the body that you love, choose a pick guard and you're ready to go. If you're like me, you're going to spend hours agonizing over every screw and every single potentiometer that you're going to put in this thing. If you want something that's instant, we have pre-made sets of complete hardware, with and without pickups, for you to easily grab, drop in these bodies. We've tested to make sure every piece fits. Once you get your package from us you're ready to build a guitar.



StewMac Tech Team

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