The Fastest and Easiest Way to Mix Fresh Shellac

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When you're using shellac you need to make sure the flakes are completely dissolved and throughly mixed to get a fine finish. The only problem is that mixing the old fashioned way takes hours, and can still be lumpy! Here's our secret: a coffee grinder and a magnetic mixer. In just 30 minutes you'll have a perfectly smooth batch that's ready to use.

Video Transcription

[Video shows side by side comparison of manually mixing shellac versus a faster and more effective method of using a magnetic mixer]

Mixing shellac

[on-screen text reads: 8 oz. of denatured alcohol poured into beaker. 1 oz. shellac flakes added and stired in. Wait for hours...

Faster way

Pour 1 oz. of shellac flakes into coffee grinder. Grind the shellac flakes and then pour into beaker. Set beaker on magnetic mixer. Pour 8 oz. of denatured alcohol into the beaker and run the magnetic mixer for 30 minutes.

Mixing shellac manually takes 12 hours and it comes out lumpy, using the faster magnetic mixer method takes 30 minutes and makes the shellac smooth.]



StewMac Tech Team

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