Introducing the NS Micro Soundhole Tuner

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Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: D'Addario]

Rob Cunningham: Hi, I'm Rob from D'Addario, and this is the NS Micro Soundhole Tuner. The tuner is fully chromatic and hides discreetly in the soundhole of your instrument. It can be used on acoustic guitars, acoustic basses, and its great in ukuleles.

How to use the NS Micro Soundhole Tuner

When you first get your tuner, you want to remove the insulator tab from the battery to make your tuner functional. Press the battery release tab, remove the insulator, and replace the battery.

Now that our tuner is active, let me show you how to install it. It's very simple to do. Just grab it by the top hook, place it into soundhole in the lower bout, and press down with your thumb. That's it. It's installed. The great thing about the soundhole tuners, is that its going to be picking up vibrations right from the top of the guitar.

Now that the tuner is installed, let's take a closeup look at the features of the tuner. Press the power button to turn on the tuner. The tuner will stay on for 10 minutes and then automatically power down. The tuner can be calibrated from 435 to 445. Pressing the calibration button will cycle you through the settings.

In case you want to remove the tuner, simply grab it by the top mounting hook, pull up and out of the soundhole. You'll want to do this if you want to store your guitar for a long period of time or use the tuner in another instrument and also when you need to change the batteries. That is the NS Micro Soundhole Tuner.



Rob Cunningham

D'Addario Brand Manager