Introducing Humiditrak | How it works

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Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: D'Addario]

Rob: Hi, I'm Rob from D'Addario and this is Humiditrak [on-screen text reads: 24/7 instrument monitoring].

Humiditrak - the 24/7 humidity and temperature sensor

Musical instruments can be easily damaged by extended or rapid changes in humidity and temperature. Now you can protect your investment simply by placing D'Addario's Humiditrak inside your instrument or instrument case. Humiditrak uses a patent pending intelligent Bluetooth sensor to provide a constant stream of humidity, temperature, and impact data to a free phone app to warn you of hazardous conditions that can lead to diminished playability of your instrument or costly repairs, essentially providing you with a 24 seven health monitor for your instrument.

When Humiditrak detects a dangerous condition, push notifications are sent to your device, allowing you to take corrective action before damage occurs. Having multiple Humiditrak sensors allow you to catalog and monitor all your instruments within a single application, eliminating the need to check each instrument case individually. Maintaining a collection of instruments is now easy and convenient. Each sensor comes with a metal clip and hook and loop material for various mounting options, either within the instrument or instrument case.

The Humiditrak app

Now let's take a look at the app. After pairing a sensor with the app, you'll be prompted to set up a profile for each instrument you are monitoring. This includes an icon or picture of the instrument along with the brand, model, and serial number. Each profile will be listed on My Instrument screen. Here you get a quick dashboard view of each instrument's humidity and temperature reading. If you have impact sensoring turned on, you will also be able to see any acceleration events as well.

Tapping on any one sensor or instrument allows you to look at all that instrument's data. The data can be viewed either hourly, daily, or monthly. This can be done for both humidity and temperature. Tapping on three dots in the upper right hand corner allow you to modify that instrument's alert settings for your own individual needs.

Humiditrak, the 24/7 instrument monitoring system. Now you can keep an eye on all your instruments without ever watching.



Rob Cunningham

D'Addario Brand Manager