Headstand Product Demo

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Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Planet Waves - The Headstand]

Rob: Hi, I'm Rob from Planet Waves. And this is the Headstand. The Headstand's a great string changing tool. You can keep it right in your guitar case. It's easy to carry around. Simply just open it up [Rob opens all 3 legs on the Headstand, sets it on the desk then sets the guitar neck on top of the paddded rest]. You place it underneath the neck while you are doing your string changes. And just supports the instrument so that it's not sliding around the table. You don't have to hold it between your legs. Just keeps the instrument very stable where you can't damage it or scratch it. When you're all done, you just take it, fold it up, stick it right back in your case, nice and easy. Makes your string changes a breeze. The Planet Waves Headstand.



Rob Cunningham

D'Addario Brand Manager