Between the Buried & Me Talk American Stage Cables

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Video Transcription

Paul: What's up guys? I'm Paul.

Dustie: I'm Dustie.

Dan: I'm Dan.

Tommy: I'm Tommy.

Paul: And we are in the band, Between the Buried and Me. We put cables through a rigorous and just a constant amount of hell. Plugging in, unplugging, a lot can go wrong. There's quite a toll put on all the equipment, and probably most of all the cables. For us, the American Stage line of cables is what's worked. They're durable and they're roadworthy.

Dan: Well, I'm one of the guys who doesn't use the wireless system. Tripping me up every night, stepping on it, somehow, they don't die.

Paul: I mean, Tommy's vocal cable used to go out...

Tommy: Once, twice a week maybe.

Dustie: When there's not a barricade and he's up front, and kids are grabbing the mic, they'd replace the line, or you'd have to go pick up a different line, and start singing out it.

Paul: Yeah, our shows have become way more technical difficulty free since we started bringing our own American Stage cables on tour with us.

Dustie: We've probably got a hundred of them, right? There's a lot of them.

Paul: I'm going to say a million. We've never had one go bad where it looks fine, but all of a sudden doesn't work.

Tommy: I've never replaced one.

Paul: I've never replaced one either. The only thing I could imagine, if it was just totally cut into, there's a confidence there that you're getting high quality components, made by people who are really passionate about the craft, and who are vested in the brand. You know when they stop working? When you lose them. And I have lost a few of them. I had some very nice cables, American Stage Cables, stolen. I had a pedal missing, and several excellent cables.

Dan: They knew the quality of the cable.

Paul: They knew the quality of the craftsmanship...

Dan: They wanted it.

Paul: D'Addario's doing up there, and they wanted it.

[on-screen text reads: D'Addario American Stage Instrument Cable]



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