American Stage Cable Torture Test

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Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: D'Addario - American Stage Torture Test]

Rob Cunningham: Hi, I'm Rob Cunningham from D'Addario, and today we're going to put our American Stage Cable with Helio fused soldering to the test against two top competitors to see which is strongest.

We have our American Stage cable, a Klotz LaGrange, and a Mogami Gold. To perform the torture test, we're going to secure each cable into our Intron pull tester. We'll pull each one until they break and see which one could take the most force.

Here we've locked each cable's plug in place at the bottom, secured the cable at the other end, and we let the pulling begin, gradually increasing the pressure to test the strength of each solder connection. And our pull test has begun.

[The Klotz cable breaks first at 49.7 LBS, then the Mogami breaks at 71.8 LBS, and then finally the D'Addario cable at 98.6 LBS]

So as you can see, the American Stage cable can handle a lot more strain than the competition, meaning you could count on it to handle all kinds of abuse and still give you a strong, clear, reliable signal.



Rob Cunningham

D'Addario Brand Manager