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In 1981, Schaller developed and got the patent for a totally new category of product, which revolutionized the connection between guitar and strap.

Schaller is paving the way for the next generation of revolutionary strap locks with their NEW S-Lock strap locking system. S-Locks are silent. They feature an elegant Lock-Wheel, one-piece hardened steel strap buttons, aesthetic design, and have perfect handling.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Schaller The Orginal Innovators. S-Locks. Protect your love]

Abi Reininghaus: Hi there, and welcome to Schaller. My name is Abi Reininghaus, and this is what it's all about: Shaller's new invention, the S locks, or as we called them, Schaller silent security sexy strap locks. Just in case you wondered what the S stands for.

Schaller security strap lock history

When Schaller first introduced the security strap locks back in 1981, they really started a revolution. Finally, there was a secure and convenient connection available between strap and instrument. In fact, the idea proved so significant Schaller was granted European and U.S. patents right away. What all this meant for the player, though, was two things. First, instruments crashing onto the floor in the middle of playing, or tweaking your pedal board, or grabbing a coffee, became a thing of the past. And second, instruments could be spun and swirled around, which really helped improve stage performance and added that extra roll to the rock. But as time went by and straps got thicker and hardware abuse got rougher, it became obvious the security lock concept needed innovation. And here we are.

New S-Locks

So what we are seeing here is the new S-Locks.

S-locks come in a handy crystal box, the top mark with a famous Schaller S.

What comes in the S-Locks box

Inside the box, you'll find one pair of solid strap buttons with felt washers, one pair of locks, one pair of lock wheels, each equipped with a micro-screw, and what's important here: no more hex nuts, and no more washers.

S-Lock Features: Comparison to previous security locks

So fair enough. But what do the new Schaller S-locks do compared to the previous Schaller security locks? On the lock itself, you'll notice the extended thread length. It got increased by more than 60%.

More important though, is the gap between the lock wheel and the base of the lock. This gap, which accommodates your strap, has doubled in size. It went from 3.3 millimeters all the way up to 6.6 millimeters, which really is more than you will ever need. Notice how this thick, heavy strap fits easily into the lock.

Another feature of the lock is the new locking bolt, which is made from stainless steel. Please notice how the bolt is now angled or beveled. The bevel design, which allows the bold to glide onto the button much easier, will not just improve handling. It will ensure long-term and wear-free quality.

Now let's have a look at the improved pull-up ball. Beyond its good looks, it is shaped to help you firmly grab that lock and smoothly release the strap from the instrument.

Next is the new solid one-piece strap button. It is made from hardened steel and sports a self-tapping four millimeter diameter wood thread. Four millimeter translates into five thirty seconds of an inch. This really strong thread fits all existing strap button holes, including those of Gibsons.

The strap buttons come standard with high grade felt washers. They will help protect your instruments finish when screwing the button tight. The button, by the way, will screw on with a three millimeter metric hex key.

And finally, we have those beautiful lock wheels. These are the most obvious change from the previous version, and the heart and soul of the new S-locks. With these lock wheels, you do no longer need a wrench, not to put them on and not to screw in tight. Your fingers will do just fine.

Unique three-step security design

What makes the lock wheel so special is Schaller's unique three-step security design.

  • Step one: the lock wheel, with its patented self locking thread, does not need a tool to be screwed on and tightened.
  • Step two: for extra power tightening, use a two millimeter or five sixty fourths of an inch hex key or pin and place it into this diagonal bore, but please make sure not to overturn.
  • Step three: for the ultimate interlocking of the lock wheel with its self locking thread, just Fasten the cone top micro screw with a small slot screwdriver.

Please note for the patented self-locking thread to work properly, always screw the lock wheels on with the rounded edge facing up.

And one more thing. You may have gotten used to your old strap locks making their typical clicks and rattles, but this is definitely over. New S-locks, with their special design silent feature, allow noiseless performance while moving and playing the instrument. Be prepared for a whole new freedom.

In case you would like to upgrade all of your instruments to S-locks, you can purchase extra S-lock buttons from the official Schaller shop at Thank you, and always remember: protect your love.



Abi Reininghaus

Schaller Brand Manager

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