Vibramate Bigsby vibrato mount: no drilling!

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Install a Bigsby without modifying your guitar. Erick Coleman shows the Vibramate V5 adapter: no drilling, and in just a couple of minutes his guitar's Bigsby-fied!

Video Transcription

[Erick Coleman - Stewart-MacDonald]

How to install a Bigsby without drilling

Erick Coleman: I've always wanted to install a Bigsby on one of my guitars, but I really didn't want to drill the face of it to install it, especially if it didn't work out after I did it. Thanks to this cool idea from the guys from Vibramate, you can now install a USA made Bigsby on your guitar without any permanent modifications. The mounting plate attaches to the existing bridge studs. The Bigsby tightens down to the plate using the included screws, making installations super simple. The Vibramate comes with all necessary mounting hardware, including metric and standard screws for mounting. In a matter of minutes, I'm back in action and Bigsby-fied.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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