OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier

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Dan Erlewine demos his most used tool: the OptiVISOR.

Video Transcription

Dan Erlewine: If I'm doing any kind of accurate work in the shop, I'm wearing the OptiVISOR. And I have been for 25 years. So long that I often forget I'm wearing it. An OptiVISOR lets you see better period, no matter how good your vision is. This is the two power lens that comes with the OptiVISOR. You'll like it for close work like soldering, fret dressing, inlaying, or engraving. Or fitting a set of bridge pins like I'm doing here. With this lens I can focus right here. This is the optional one and a half power lens. It's for working farther away and gives you a broader view. And you change lenses like this. They pop right out, and pop right in. And when I'm working in the medium range or a little farther away, everything's more clear with the OptiVISOR than it is without. And since it flips up and down, I don't have to take the headband off and on all day.

I customize my OptiVISOR so it holds both lenses on one frame and I can work like this. I drilled holes in pieces of binding to hold two lenses at once. I can flip from the two power to the one and a half power without even taking off the visor. These lights are a new option and I thought they were a little crazy at first, but now I'm using them more and more. They really knock out the shadows. I found that in low light situations, they really helped me a lot. I should have started wearing these in my twenties instead of my forties and saved the wear and tear on my eyes.



Dan Erlewine

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