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The Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper excels at glue removal. The rugged carbide blade pops the toughest dried glue right off your work.

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Speaker 1: It's such a simple idea and the perfect marriage between existing cutting-edge technology, pun intended, and an entirely new application. Simply fasten a carbide insert to the end of a comfortable handle and voila, you have Woodpeckers newest tool, the Mighty Mini-Scraper. This tool excels at glue removal and is an effective wood scraper that delivers a finished quality cut in tight spaces regular scrapers and sandpaper can't reach.

Solid carbide inserts

Our new mini-scraper comes with a solid carbide insert featuring the convenience of a blade with four long-lasting sharp edges. When an edge is eventually dulled, the problem is easily cured by simply loosening the screw and rotating the insert 90 degrees. Furthermore, our standard inserts edges are ground with a slight camber to help prevent marring your wood surface, the same cambering practice many woodworkers apply to their hand plane blades and card scrapers. An optional perfectly square and straight edge insert is also available. It's the insert to use for dead straight scraping in 90 degree corners.

Glue removal in tight spaces

Our mini-scraper's rugged carbide blade will pop the toughest dry glue right off your work, and the mini-scraper really shines, removing most glue from the inside corners of cabinet assemblies and other boxes. When you find dreaded dried glue in a tight corner, our mini-scraper will remove it with ease.

High quality wood scraper that won't rust

You can scrape dry wood using either a pushing or pulling motion. Use the pushing motion with the handle at a low angle for an aggressive bulldozer-like cut. To produce a finished quality cut, use the pulling motion with the handle held at a high angle, like 60 degrees on harder woods and about 40 degrees for softer woods. You can easily clean excess glue on your scraper with a wet rag. And get this, because carbide steals are free of iron, the blade won't rust, nor will the super tough polycarbonate handle.

So get Woodpeckers new Mighty Mini-Scraper, a remarkably handy addition to your toolbox. Like all Woodpeckers woodworking tools, Woodpeckers new Mighty Mini-Scraper is manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machinery, laser fabrication equipment, cutting-edge quality control systems, and super precise engraving machines, all located along with our experienced product engineers in our growing shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio in the USA.

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