vGrip by Preval

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The vGrip is an ergonomic aerosol trigger that eliminates finger fatigue. Easily attach it to a Preval sprayer or any aerosol can to use it like a spray gun.

Video Transcription

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[on-screen text reads: vGrip powered by Preval. Preval's vGrip is an ergonomic aerosol trigger. That takes the strain out of spraying by eliminiating finger fatigue. Purchase a vGrip from your local retailers and snap it on a Preval sprayer or spray any aerosol like a spray gun.

The all-new, professional, vGrip. Delivering on a six-decade legacy of precision, performance, and portability. vGrip powered by Preval. Spray Powered. Made in the USA.]



StewMac Tech Team