The String Cleaner - Ultimate String Cleaning Tool

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The String Cleaner provides 360° of string cleaning action. It extends the life and preserves the tone of guitar, bass, and violin/viola strings.

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Extend the life of your strings

Speaker 1: Welcome to The String Cleaner by Tone Gear. The string cleaner is the only product that cleans 360 degrees of all strings simultaneously. It simply is the ultimate string cleaning tool. This revolutionary product removes all the harmful oils and corrosive substances left behind from your fingers. And if used after every time you play your guitar, the String Cleaner will extend the life of your strings up to 10 times longer than normal. And on our model for bass guitar, we extended the microfiber to cover the bottom of the device so that it also cleans the fretboard.

How to use the string cleaner

To open the String Cleaner, simply place your thumb on the hinge side of the device, and with your first and second fingers, apply downward pressure to release the latches. Then with your instrument in a flat position, slide the string cleaner underneath the strings and snap it closed. Once it is closed, grab the handle and confidently run the device up and down the neck of the guitar.

Easy on the frets and fretboard

The String Cleaner was designed with beveled edges that we call fret ramps, and they allow the device to smoothly hop up and glide along without creating any lateral pressure to the frets or fretboard.

Non-disposable and easy to clean

The String Cleaner is not a disposable item, for its specially designed microfiber pads are cleanable. Simply run under warm water with a drop of soap, gently rinse out any debris, then with a dry cloth, pat the pads and then leave it out to fully air dry. As Gibson guitar reported, never has cleaning strings been so easy.



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