The Gig: Your Portable Guitar Workshop

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Need a cool bench while on the road? Don't have a dedicated workshop for guitar maintenance at home? Check out The Gig Portable Guitar Workshop. It is fast, convenient, and works very well.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Dave Sommerfield - Personal Guitar Workshop]

Dave Sommerfield: Hi, I'm Dave Sommerfield, inventor of The Gig Portable Guitar Workshop. Whether you play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, or almost any other stringed instrument, you inevitably have had the challenge of working on your instrument and not having the proper place to do so. Now, there is a solution. Introducing the Gig, the world's first portable guitar workshop.

The Gig comes fully assembled and can be strapped to your guitar case in minutes. The non-reactive soft rubber touch points gently grip your guitar while holding it firmly in place so you could restring, polish, or repair your guitar. The adjustable tower clamp can even allow for your guitar or stringed instrument to be securely held on its side while you work on it.

When you are done, the Gig packs away neatly and conveniently until the next time you need it. Not going on the road anytime soon? You can simply screw the Gig to your workspace, where it will always be available for immediate access, or it can be used free standing on a flat, even surface for gentler operations.

The Gig is a must-have for any guitar enthusiast and makes the perfect gift.