The Anchor for Dremel – like having a third hand in the shop!

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Anchor your Dremel to your bench at nearly any angle! Erick Coleman shows how this versatile tool can add a layer of precision and safety to your work, especially when handling small guitar parts.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: StewMac tools + ideas for guitarmaking]

Eric Coleman: Here's a cool gizmo designed by our own Elliot John-Conry here at StewMac. It's a solid aluminum hex-shaped Dremel holder that can be held in a vice or a clamp to your bench top. Holding a Dremel in your hands can be kind of clumsy. It's tough to control and it can get away from you real easily. With the Anchor, you bring your work to the tool. This not only gives you better control, it's a safer way to work.

[Erick has the Dremel tool in the anchor and the anchor is clamped to his workbench]

I use it for deburring metal parts, buffing small parts, cutting new truss rods to length, final shaping of inlays, polishing prepared frets, removing rust and corrosion, shortening tremolo arms, and I'm constantly coming up with new uses for it.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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