Shaping Friction Pegs with our Peg Shaper

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Dan Erlewine demonstrates the Peg Shaper, a precision tool for violins, ukuleles, and flamenco guitars.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Stewart-MacDonald - Peg Shaper]

Dan Erlewine: Using the Peg Shaper is easy. It's like using a pencil sharpener. It puts the right taper on friction pegs so they fit tightly enough to hold the string and tune, yet still turn smoothly. The peg shaper's sharp blade shaves the peg to match the angle of the peghole reamer [on-screen text reads: Guitar Repair Vise from StewMac - Lock your work into place] or it adjusts easily to match the taper of any set of friction pegs. The knob on top applies pressure to hold the pegs steady so it won't chatter as you turn it.

The peg shaper [on-screen text reads: StewMac Peg Shaper - Simple and precise peg shaping] is for violins, banjos, ukuleles, flamenco guitars, any size friction pegs up to three eights of an inch in diameter. There's a good way to shape pegs if you're starting from scratch and got a long ways to go, use it, one of those little peg winders [on-screen text reads: Zap-It EZ Winder from StewMac - turn any drill into a winder]. It stays so concentric this way, they shape in a hurry. That's a fun tool to get out of the box. It's so good looking and it's so well made. As a half baked machinist myself, I can really appreciate the work that went into this precision tool.



Dan Erlewine

Guitar Repairman and Builder

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