Safeguard delicate finishes with Low Tack Protective Tape

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Protect delicate finishes from fret filings and tools by masking your work area.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Aaron Smiley, StewMac Tech Advisor]

Low Tack Protective Tape

Aaron Smiley: When covering the finish, masking tape is not ideal. It kind of leaves behind a sticky residue and you run the risk of pulling up old, delicate, vintage finishes. Believe me, I've seen it happen on a Martin before, don't want that. For years, Dan's been talking about using sign maker's tape in our trade secrets, and now we carry it. We call it Low Tack Protective Tape, and we like it because it doesn't leave behind any residue and it's gentle enough to be used on vintage finishes.

This tape is great for protecting the body, as well as the fretboard whenever you're doing a fret job.


We carry them in two sizes: one inch thick low tack tape and three inch extra low tack tape. Both of them come with an extra wide inner spool to prevent the sides from picking up dirt and shavings when you put them on your bench.


You can use it to protect the body around an electronics cavity from falling solder. You can use this for color matching and mixing epoxy on your bench, and it provides some easy cleanup. You can also use it to protect the guitar while you're doing a bridge re-glue, so I'm less worried about that hot knife scorching the finish. This tape is so great, I use it for all sorts of jobs.



Aaron Smiley

StewMac Technical Advisor

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