Nut and Saddle Vise

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A StewMac exclusive. You'll appreciate the specially-shaped jaws.

Video Transcription

Erick Coleman: [on-screen text reads: Erick Coleman - Stewart-MacDonald] Holding nuts and saddles for shaping can be tough. Most vices are too big and the jaws don't give you a good working angle. Here's something we developed in our own repair shops. It's a neat little Nut and Saddle Vice that's perfect for the job. The jaws are extra tall and they're steeply angled to give you room to work with your shaping and slotting files. They're also undercut. You can see it right here. That gives a better grip. They're ground smooth so they don't mar up your bone. This vice is also great for other small parts like holding these two Tune-O-Matic Saddles. The jaws open to nearly two and a half inches to grip larger parts. It holds this humbucker cover in place while I soldered on the pickup. I really like this little vice and I'm constantly finding uses for it.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor