Mojotone Pickup Winder Demo

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This video shows the basic functions of the Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine. Powering on the machine, entering "Gauss Mode" to check the gauss and polarity of your magnets, setting the direction for winding, setting the number of turns, and adjusting the winding speed are all explained in this brief tutorial.

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: All new Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine. Power it on, wait for the screen to settle.

Enter the gauss sensor mode by pressing the GAUSS button. Check the magnet polarity and the magnet gauss level. I can flip the magnet to check the other side. And then I can exit the gauss mode by pressing the GAUSS button again and go into program by hitting the PROGRAM button and select the turn direction, clockwise or counterclockwise by pressing UP or DOWN. Save by hitting PROGRAM. And then I can set the number of turns by hitting UP or DOWN until I reach the desired number of turns.

So we'll go to 5300 and hit PROGRAM. And that'll save and then I can run the program by hitting RUN, pull some tension on the wire and slowly speed up the binder and start winding. I can reach a maximum speed of 1200 RPMs and slow the machine down to check progress or coil build anytime during the wind. And I can exit the program by hitting STOP. I can also run the same program again by hitting PROGRAM, selecting yes to run the last program and then RUN, and then start up again and wind the same program.

Thanks for checking out the Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine.



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