Mojotone Hand Guided Tensioner Video

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Wind consistent pickups with the Mojotone Hand Guided Tensioner.

Video Transcription

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How to use the hand guided tensioner

Speaker 1: The all new Mojotone Hand Guided Tensioner. With the coil wire on the floor, feed the wire through the eyelet on the tensioner. Pass the wire over the guide and through the tip. Secure the wire over the post with your thumb and position it between the loosened felts. Pull the wire to seat it down between the felts. Tighten the thumb screw until you reach your desired winding tension. Again, through the eyelet, over the guide between the felts and through the tip. Now you're ready to start winding.

Load the bobbin onto the winder mandrel and securely clamp it into place. Use a straight edge to set your winding parameter between the adjustable collars. With the tensioner on the table, pull enough wire slack to pull through the eyelet and tie off the start of your coil. Position everything into place, remove the slack and begin to wind. Start the machine and begin to guide the wire. Now you can easily guide using the hand guided tensioner. Focus on your whining pattern without worrying about your tension. You'll achieve more consistent hand wound results every time. Thanks for checking out the Mojotone Hand Guided Tensioner.

[on-screen text reads: Mojotone Pickups]



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