Measure dead center on your guitar: StewMac Shop Rule in SAE and Metric

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StewMac's custom rule for stringed instrument work, in inches or centimeters. Unique center-finder and vertical end scales measure guitar bridges, nuts and pickup heights. Satin chrome steel with sharp black etchings that are easy to read in low light.

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The StewMac Shop Rule

Speaker 1: Every shop's got a six-inch rule. I've got a bunch of them. The StewMac Shop Rule is the one I use most, because it's designed specifically for working on instruments. It's got extreme precision, with scales marked in 30 seconds and 64ths of an inch. That's perfect for measuring action at the 12th fret, or measuring a string spread. On the back, there's a 16th scale, which is great for quick, easy to read measurements like the width of this neck.

The satin chrome finish makes the etched markings easy to read, even in poor lighting. Pencil marks show up great too, which comes in handy. It's also got some more custom features you won't find on a hardware store ruler. My favorite is the centering rule marked in 32nds. Everything on a fretted instrument is based on the center line. If you're building guitars without a good centering rule, you're making life hard on yourself.

It's great for marking out a neck or a fretboard. You match up the measurements on either side, and zero marks dead center. The vertical rules on either end come in handy too. If millimeters are more your style, we've got you covered. A metric version is also available, marked in centimeters, millimeters, and half millimeter increments. And of course, the same vertical and centering rule on the back. Give the StewMac Shop Rule a try, and you'll wonder how you ever did without it.



StewMac Tech Team

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