Jack The Gripper

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Jack The Gripper holds the jack steady while you tighten the nut. This keeps the jack from turning and damaging the solder joints inside.

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Loose guitar jack fixed with Jack The Gripper

Erick Coleman: One of the most common electronic problems we see in this shop is caused by jacks that have worked themselves loose. The nut gets loose and the player tightens it with their fingers in order to finish the gig. While they're tightening the nut, the jack is turning inside the guitar. This twists the solder joints and they eventually work loose or break. You need to keep the jack from turning while you tighten the nut on the outside.

Frank Ford came up with this simple tool called Jack the Gripper. Put it in the jack and it locks in place in either direction. Now you can tighten the nut without spinning the jack inside the guitar.

Instead of a piece of rubber or plastic that could wear out, the metal cam has a knurled surface that really grips inside the jack. It comes with this handy adapter handle that fits a socket wrench. The gripper holds the jack while you tighten with the socket. It's perfect for tight places like recessed Stratocaster jacks.

Use it on amps and pedals too. The gripper holds the jack in place without putting any stress on circuit board joints. I recommend this to my customers too. It's a must have tool for any guitar player.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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