Guitar Vise Tool Table

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Today, Paul shows us all the great features of our Guitar Vise Tool Table. The Worktable gives you additional room for tools right where it's needed. It allows you to add a small, very stable extra workspace to your vise that's the perfect size for working on nuts, saddles and parts. It will fit every StewMac repair vise we have ever sold. It will also hold our nut and saddle vise, and keep tools and parts nearby.

Video Transcription

Paul Lampley: These two black rails on your StewMac Guitar Repair Vise just got an additional use. Those rails can hold this Guitar Vise Tool Table to give you additional workspace right where it's handy. This gives you a small, stable extra workspace. It's the right size for working on nuts, saddles, and parts. It'll hold our nut and saddle vise and it keeps some tools at hand, too. Also, has a nice little one inch repair magnet underneath to hold your String Action Gauge or a rule or whatever tools or parts you need under there. It's a very solid extra work table. It'll fit every repair device we've ever sold. So if you have an older well loved vise, you can update it with this new table. Put this bit of airspace to good use.



D. Paul Lampley II

StewMac Technical Advisor

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