Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set

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StewMac's own: this kit replaces a drawer full of tools!

Video Transcription

Erick Coleman: I've collected a ton of different wrenches and screwdriver sets for adjusting the guitars that come across my bench. Guitars have so many different size screws and types [on-screen text reads: Erick Coleman - Stewart-MacDonald], for tuners, bridges, pickguards, saddles, if you use the wrong size screwdriver, chances are you're going to chew up or strip out the screw heads.

New expanded Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set

Check this out. We've expanded our Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set to cover nearly any screw or teeny hex bolt you'll come across; three dozen bits in a pocket-sized hard case. We put together the 27 most needed bits for slotted, Phillips and hex head screws to cover nearly every guitar you'll meet, and added a handful of custom additions we found to be useful in our own repair shops. The wire brush cleans up corroded metal parts to get them working correctly again. It's also good for cleaning up screws for re-installation, too. Here's a quarter-inch square drive to use with your socket set for installing output jacks and pots. The awl is for marking screw locations, and these wood taps thread the wood perfectly for easy screw installation. This helps prevent delicate screw heads from breaking off in your work. Nobody likes that.

This one's my favorite, it's a captured bit for tightening up slot head screws. We designed it similar to our Stop Tailpiece Wrench, but smaller. It prevents the driver from slipping off the screw and causing damage. It's great for installing humbucker pole pieces and slotted tuner screws. This is the most complete screwdriver set I've ever had for guitar work, I recommend it to all my customers who maintain their own guitars. I also take it to every gig because I never know when I'm going to need it.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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