Guitar Repair Vise

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Dan Erlewine shows how we've customized our Guitar Repair Vise for instrument work.

Video Transcription

Dan Erlewine: Hi, I'm Dan Erlewine. I'm in my guitar shop to show you the Guitar Repair Vise. I use this vise for almost every job. It's good for instrument work because of the way the jaws adjust to hold any shape. We've customized it too. A custom roller bearing lets it glide open and shut without friction. We gave it a round hand wheel and the crank is removable so it's never in the way. Sometimes hand cranks poke me or catch my belt when I'm working, so often I'll use it with just the hand wheel.

Each jaw rotates 360 degrees, and since they both swivel, they get a good grip on any shape, even a tapered or irregular shape like a guitar neck. The tension nut that hold the jaws have nylon inserts, so when you adjust them, they'll stay put. You can tighten them to keep the jaws loose or snug or locked at any angle. We've given the vice hardwood jaws with urethane faces to give it a good grip. You can actually hold the guitar, suspend it over the bench top. Or sometimes I'll spin the guitar out over the floor so I can get at it from any direction for binding and scraping binding, jobs like that.

Mounting the vise on your bench is easy. Drill a five eights hole and it fits any bench top up to four and a half inches thick. Just about every job needs the Guitar Repair Vise.



Dan Erlewine

Guitar Repairman and Builder

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