Get a grip with Screw Removal Pliers

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Stripped out screw head? No problem! Removing stripped out screws is always a pain. Use this handy set of pliers to grip and remove screws with stripped or damaged heads.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Screw Removal Pliers. Aaron Smiley StewMac Tech Advisor]

Aaron Smiley: This guitar has a screw that's stripped out. Somebody probably used the wrong size bit a couple too many times. And even with the right size screwdriver, the screwdriver is just kind of spinning around in the head there. It doesn't have anything to grip onto to pull the screw out. Now there's some home spun remedies that I've heard of to get screws out of the guitar, but none are as easy and safe for the guitar as these. The tool has notches right here that grab hold of the screw and really grip it so you can back it out.

Oh, yeah. I'm getting a good grip on the screw right now. It's coming right out. And this tool can grab screws that have a head as large as a half inch diameter. If you've got a screw with a stripped head, there's no easier way to get it out.



Aaron Smiley

StewMac Technical Advisor

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