Fret/Fingerboard Levelers

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3 sizes to make any fretboard absolutely level.

Video Transcription

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Erick Coleman: Instead of using files to level frets and fingerboards, I like to use sandpaper attached to one of these steel beams. This is a Fret and Fingerboard Leveler. Sandpaper levels clean without file marks and the length of the beam spans all of the frets making sure your fingerboard and fret tops are true from end to end. This one inch surface is precision ground so it's dead flat, and that's the kind of accuracy you need when doing fret work.

Pick the pressure sensitive sandpaper according to the job you are doing, 80 to 120 grit for leveling fingerboards and 220 to 320 grit for frets.

24" length leveler

These levelers come in three sizes. I'll use the 24-inch for leveling frets and fingerboards on new builds or a re-fret on a guitar or bass.

16" length leveler

The 16-inch is handy for shorter scale necks, and when I'm doing a level and dress on existing frets. The shorter length keeps me from bumping the tool into the nut and bridge while I work.

8" length leveler

The eight-inch tube is great for short fingerboards and for adding following on acoustic guitars. If you're only going to have one leveler, this would be it. And since it's so flat, you can also use it for other jobs. I use these to get a perfect level surface on the bottoms of nuts and saddles too. The squareness of the leveler gives me a good fence to hold the nut against. It's a lot better than handholding this on a belt sander.

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Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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