Fast, consistent fret installation with Jaws

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Jaws Fret Press gives you finer control over the pressure needed to seat a fret into the slot—you can actually feel it seating! It eliminates complicated clamping setups, so your press-in fret jobs go faster.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Erick Coleman, Guitar Repairman]

Jaws Fret Press

Erick Coleman: Dan Erlewine's original intention for the Jaws Handheld Fret Press was to work in conjunction with the Neck Jig. He'd seen larger arbor presses at the factories and thought it would be cool to incorporate that idea into a handheld unit. The idea is to come in with a six inch caul, and what that does is it tacks your ends down, and then you follow that with a caul that matches the radius of the fretboard that you're fretting. This is nine and a half, and then it seats the fret the rest of the way down perfectly.

Are you ready to go to the next fret? Jaws now comes with this quick release pin that allows you to easily exchange the neck cradle, depending on what type of instrument you're working on. And we have one that's the guitar version. Works for guitar, bass, tenor ukulele, instruments like that. Then we have a new one, which is a tighter cradle that works for mandolins and ukuleles, instruments with smaller necks. We have one with a wider cradle and that works for classical guitars and maybe basses with wider necks.

And we also have a flat one that works on bolt on neck heels. It works on unprofiled necks that haven't been shaped yet, and it also works on the extension of the surrogate body, so you can use it in the Neck Jig as well. Install very easily, ready to fret. If you have the old jaws, you're in luck. We designed a special set of the neck cradles specifically for the old model. All you have to do is drive out the roll pin that holds the neck cradle in, and you can install the new set of cauls with the quick release system as well. The Jaws Fret Press drives frets in evenly and easily without the risk of damaging the fingerboard or the fret with a hammer.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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