Dual-face Fret Hammer

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Erick Coleman demos the Fretting Hammer, and explains what the plastic/brass heads are all about.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Erick Coleman - Stewart-MacDonald]

Erick Coleman: The trusty Fret Hammer has been around forever, and it's still used in shops every day. It's an efficient way to install frets. It doesn't cost a lot, and it couldn't be more simple to use. This lightweight hammer has two faces. One's made of plastic and has a flat surface. The other's made a soft brass and has a convex face. Both faces have more give than a carpenter's hammer and a better shape, so you're not likely to dent your fret wire during installation. Both work great, but I use the plastic one because it's a little quieter. When you're doing a lot of fret work, things can get loud.

The heads are replaceable. When they start to wear, you can screw new ones in. If you like brass or plastic best, you can install either on both sides. More people use hammering than any other way of installing frets. And on our webpage for this hammer, you'll find a how to article that shows you how to hammer frets. I've installed thousands of frets with this hammer. It's like an old friend now. One of my favorite tools.



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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