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See our S-Style and T-Style Kits in action!
If you've ever wanted to build a guitar, now is your chance—we've made building the guitar of your dreams easy.

When you build a guitar, you'll connect with it so much more than any off-the-shelf instrument. While we've based these kits on some of the most iconic designs ever created, each is ready for you to dive in and make it YOUR perfect guitar.

And, they're a perfect project for a beginner or seasoned pro. These kits are fun, easy to build, and don't require any prior woodworking experience or a shop full of tools. With our instructions and industry-best support it's never been easier to make a professional quality instrument on your first try.

Video Transcription

Zack: ( 4 guys are playing electric guitar together ) Anyone can go into a store and buy a guitar off the wall [on-screen text reads: Zack - Guitarist and StewMac Employee]. But there's something really special about making one yourself. It becomes more than just a guitar. It ends up being like a lifelong friend and it's going to help you make the best music that you can make.

If you've never built a guitar before, StewMac kits are a great place to start. The instructions that come along with this kit are awesome, and they're going to guide you along from start to finish. You don't need a bunch of special tools, a giant workshop or a bunch of space, this is something you can do, right at home.

I'm really impressed with how these kits came out, there's a lot of attention to detail. The hardware is great and it's a lot better than you're going to see on most the other kits out there. You get a nice, lightweight mahogany for the body and the neck, which ultimately leaves you with a really resonant guitar. The fret work is really well done, these are super smooth and they feel great on your fingers. They're really well dressed and the pickups, they just rock.

The best part about buying from StewMac is we're always here to help you, along the way, if you get stuck. We have real luthiers, super knowledgeable techs on the staff to always answer any of your questions and everything we sell is backed by our lifetime promise. And when you're done, you'll have a guitar that you'll be proud of for decades and be connected to more than any other guitar you own.

Might as well just throw the rest of your guitars away. I'm just kidding!




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