Hear the StewMac '62 Brit-Plex Amp Kit

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We put together this video to show you how our '62 Brit Plex Amp Kit sounds. We've lovingly recreated the JTM-45 Plexi head as a kit that you can build yourself. If you think this sounds hard, we've created very clear step-by-step instructions with hundreds of full color diagrams that walk you through each step of the build.

Video Transcription

[electric guitar hooked up to a '62 Brit-Plex Amp is playing in the background]

Speaker 1: The new StewMac '62 Brit-Plex 45 Watt Amp Kit, originally designed by Jim Marshall. It's truly magical. I can't stop playing it. It sounds absolutely fantastic. Many mass produced amplifiers these days are made on printed circuit boards, and they do not look anything like this. If you were to purchase the JTM 45 from Jim Marshall in the early sixties, this is exactly what your amp would look like, a hand-wired piece of art. The guts of this amp might look like a crazy rat's nest to you at the moment. But with the help of our step-by-step instructions and gorgeous wiring diagrams, this will make sense in no time.

[Speaker 2 playing a series of fast songs on his electric guitar using the '62 Brit-Plex Amp]

Speaker 2: It's fantastic.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: I mean, just to have that tone that crunch without reverb or any other effect on it. I mean, even just holding that last A.

Speaker 1: The way the notes jump out of the speakers, there's just very little lag time. There are no onboard effects. The signal from your guitar goes straight through the amplifier, there's no reverb, there's no tremolo. So the way it jumps out of the speaker, and then the way that the amp holds onto the note after you're done playing and just sustains and sustains blew me away. Have a blast with your amp while you're building it, and have even more fun with it when it's done.

[on-screen text reads: '62 Brit-Plex 45W Original British Circuit]



StewMac Tech Team

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