Hear the StewMac '59 Tweed 15W Amp Kit

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If you've ever thought about building your own amp, but weren't sure where to start, our '59 Tweed kit is the perfect project. It's an easy build that can be done in (about) a weekend—and the amp is AMAZING! It's a faithful reproduction of one of the most revered Fender classics that's been used on countless hits for 3 generations.

And of course our kit comes with the best instructions in the business and live tech support from real amp builders who can help if you get stuck.

Check it out.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: '59 Tweed 15W Amp Kit Original 5E3 Circuit]

( electric guitar music playing )

Speaker 1: The '59 Tweed is the godfather of rock and roll. It's mellow and clean at low volumes, but that's not what this amp is famous for. When you crank it, it gets dirty in a great way. No other amp is more fun to tame.

This is one of the vintage spec amp kits from StewMac and you can absolutely build this amp yourself. You don't need a workshop. All you need is a few tools and a tabletop. Our instructions are easy to follow, even for first time builders. We turn the circuit into a picture and build it with you, step by step. Just follow along and create a hand wired boutique quality amp. At StewMac, we're always with you for build support. Our tech team is standing by to make sure your amp building experience is smooth before, during, and even after your build is complete.

StewMac has an entire line of classic build your own app kits. Our website has all the specs and other information, so you can pick the right line.

This Original 5E3 Circuit has two channels, bright and normal, and each channel has two inputs, high and low gain. One tone control covers both channels, and that's all you really need for an amp that's responsible for some of the greatest guitar tones ever recorded.

StewMac Amp Kits. Build yourself an icon and know it from the inside out.



StewMac Tech Team

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