Golden Age Pre-wired Harnesses: premium hand-soldered pickup for electric guitar

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Whether you're replacing worn out components or working on a new build, luthier Erick Coleman shows how simple adding the wiring can be with our hand-soldered harnesses.

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Pre-wired harnesses for electric guitars

Erick Coleman: The stock guts in this Tele were pretty bad. Low quality, everything which can wear out under heavy use and cause a variety of failure related problems down the road.

My client asked me to upgrade the wiring harness for better performance in the studio and on stage. In addition to tighter tolerances, she was also looking for a smoother, more even change when operating her volume and tone controls, and ultimately a long and healthy working life.

Whether you're replacing, worn out or cheap components, our pre-wired harnesses make easy work of it. We use top-notch components for consistency and durability. Our own custom spec CTS Control Pots, cloth-insulated Push-back Wire, Orange Drop Capacitors, as well as CRL, Oak-Grigsby, and Switchcraft switches.

These are the same components that you're going to see inside most vintage guitars. More often than not, after 50 or 60 plus years, they're still going strong. The components are neatly soldered up on a plywood template and match the mounting hole pattern on your instrument. Installation is fast and easy. Included instructions show you exactly where to attach your pickup leads. In no time, this guy is back in action and sounding better than ever.

[Erick plays the electric guitar]



Erick Coleman

StewMac Senior Technical Advisor

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