Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ratio Balanced Gear Tuning Technology

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Graph Tech Ratio Tuning Machine Heads' individual gear ratios make every string feel and react the same to all tuning adjustments.

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Graph Tech Guitar Labs introduces the ultimate in the evolution of guitar tuning: Ratio Balanced Gear Tuning Technology, the perfect balance of speed and precision on every string. Tuning your guitar has never been faster, more precise, or intuitive. Because Ratio Machine Heads' individual gear ratios make every string feel and react the same to all tuning adjustments. [on-screen text reads: Ratio - Patented - High Performance - Machine Heads]

The problem with traditional single gear tuners

Instrument tuning technology hasn't changed much in the last 300 years. Turn a peg, hope for the best, and you spend half your life tuning your guitar and the other half going out of tune. And here's why. The core diameter of each string determines how sensitive it is to tension, so accurate tuning has always been a guessing game with traditional, single-gear tuners [on-screen text reads: String Tension - wound D, less sensitive, thin core 0.0125". plain G, more sensitive, thick core 0.016"].

Fast and consistent tuning

Ratio's tuners are calibrated to the core thickness of each string from the thick bottom E to the slinkiest top strings so that every string feels and reacts the same to your tuning adjustments, making it easy to change tunings quickly and keep your instrument in tune consistently all the time.

Ratios are now factory installed by more and more leading manufacturers [on-screen text reads: Boucher Guitares, Hagstrom, Martin & Co, Riversong Guitars, Italia, Framus] for their premium line guitars because of their vastly superior performance. Machine heads come with locking heads and a variety of button options and finishes [on-screen text reads: Balanced Gear Tuning Technology].

Easy installation

Ratios fit most headstock sizes, and all Ratio sets come with our patented Invisomatch mounting plates, making installation for your guitar easy, eliminating the need for intrusive modifications, and giving you a perfect installation in minutes. Evolve, move to the top of the food chain, and step up to Ratio Balanced Gear Tuning Technology. Charles Darwin would approve.

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