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Versatile and popular, Titebond is our customers' go-to glue.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Dan Erlewine - Stewart-MacDonald]

Titebond Original Wood Glue

Dan Erlewine: If you could only have one glue for working on instruments, I'd say choose Titebond. It gives you results that you can count on. I'm going to use it here on this little baritone uke to glue the neck on and to glue the bridge on. The neck and the bridge pretty much fell off this little dried out baritone ukulele. And I've refit the neck and I'm going to glue it on. Titebond's a great neck setting glue.

This is like a little classical guitar bridge here. I'm going to put a little Titebond here on the body and a little Titebond on the bottom of the bridge and clamp her on. I think two clamps will get me there, but I might go for a third. I can be pretty sloppy with this because it cleans up with water.
Titebond's the best glue for structural internal repairs because it has a five minute working time or a little longer. And during that time you can still move a part in case things don't quite the way you plan.

Titebond tacks quickly. That means parts tend to cling together. That's really handy when you're reaching a piece of wood inside of a guitar and trying to stick it somewhere.

And Titebond is stronger than the wood itself. These two pieces of mahogany, I glued up yesterday with three clamps on them and let them dry all night. Let's see how they hold up to the break test. Yep, the glue held and the wood broke.

I've been using Titebond so long, it's almost hard to remember a time without it.



Dan Erlewine

Guitar Repairman and Builder