Father and Son Build a Guitar Kit

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In this heartwarming DIY video, watch a father and son build a guitar kit. From unboxing to plugging in it's an inspiring and fun project for everyone in the family.

Video Transcription

Father: All right. So what do we have here?

Henry: We have a guitar that we are building by ourselves.

Father: My uncle told me about these Mini Guitar Kits from StewMac. Hey, come check this out.

Henry: I know. The package is here.

Father: We were talking about things to do with the kids while we're all stuck in the house and the shelter in place. Oh, dish mess. It's starting to hit a little bit. I need something to do with the kids.

And are you going to help me do it? I just thought, this is a great idea. So me and the two boys are going to spend the weekend putting this together. So what do you think? Are you excited about it? Me, too. Okay, let's do it.

The unboxing

Henry: Okay. We are going to open the box.

Father: Very cool. We've got our instruction kit here.

Henry: Careful.

Father: Oh, wow. That's beautiful. Look at that.

Henry: Amazing.

Father: Can you unpack that for us? Some guitar strings. So we've got two files here.

Henry: A measurer.

Father: Okay.

Henry: Fancy.

Father: Nice little StewMac ruler here.

Henry: A soldering tip.

Father: That's right. That is a nice soldering tip. Okay. We got everything set up. We got our tools ready to go. We're going to get started. So the first thing we're going to do is take the neck off of the body.

Henry: How are you doing that?

Father: This get off. Cut the peghead to shape. Okay, I didn't have a vice and I had some clamps. All right, Henry. You ready?

Henry: Yes.

Father: Never cut on the line. Cut just outside the line so you could sand to the line. Okay. Do you think it looks good?

Henry: Yeah.

Father: I think it does, too. All right. Let's sand it down and make it a nice shape.


Henry: You are unbolting everything and taking it apart because we don't want to sand down the metal.

Father: Do you want to do the sanding?

Henry: Sure.

Father: Okay. Going with the grain.

Henry: Like that? You want to get the inside, too.

Father: It's getting there, isn't it? Now we need to wipe it down with a wet rag to bring out the grain.

Henry: Make sure to wet in everything. Don't forget to get the insides. We're bringing out the grain so we can paint it. That looks good. So it says that we should paint it.

Father: Yeah? Okay. I think we're going to let Alex do the peghead design. Is that okay?

Henry: Okay.

Father: Okay. All right. This time, Alex has agreed to paint the headstock. You ready to do some painting? There you go. That is yours to do what you will with.

So Henry and I made some good progress yesterday. Got everything sanded. Alex got a good paint job on the headstock. I think I want to show this to my uncle before I go any farther.

Henry: Can I press it?

Father: Sure, that second one down.

Uncle Dan: Hello?

Father: Hey, Uncle Dan.

Uncle Dan: Hey there.

Father: How you doing, Big D?

Uncle Dan: Great. What's happening? Hi, Henry.

Henry: Hello.

Father: So you know we were working on that mini T kit, right? So Alex designed the peghead and did a paint job on it.

Uncle Dan: Good Lord.

Father: Isn't that great?

Uncle Dan: It's awesome. It's like a lightning storm.

Father: I know. It's really cool.

Uncle Dan: Are you doing this with him there, Henry? Hold that up against your chest. That's the perfect size.

Father: It's the perfect size. I know.

Uncle Dan: Keep me informed.

Father: I will. I'll show you as soon as we get it all put together and it's stained and everything. I'll give you another call and show you the finished product.

Uncle Dan: Can't wait, but I love you, man.

Father: I love you, too. Can you say bye, Henry?

Henry: Bye.

Father: All right. You want to hang up?

Uncle Dan: Bye.


Father: Okay, Henry.

Henry: It's time.

Father: Okay. So now it's time to do what's called degreasing the body and the neck. So this is what we're going to use.

Henry: No, I'm not doing that.

Father: Watch. I'll show you how to do it. I'm going to put some on cloth and then we're going to go like this and wipe it down. Can you try?

Henry: No.

Father: Okay. You don't have to.

Henry: It's freaking me out.

Father: Look how pretty that looks though, when it's done.

Henry: Can I touch it?

Father: Here try it. And I'll do the neck if you'll do the body, okay?

Henry: Okay.

Father: So now we're going to let that dry while we mix some fillers.

Henry: Yay. I can do the mixing part, right?

Father: You can do the mixing part. Absolutely.

Henry: Can I undo my gloves?

Father: We'll put on new gloves.

Henry: That sounds good.

( fast music playing )

[Father and son Henry work together to apply the finish to the guitar body]


Father: That looks good. So we've got our parts and we've got our guitar and our instructions.

Henry: Are we ready?

[on-screen text reads: Install Pickups]

[on-screen text reads: Attach Neck]

[on-screen text reads: Install Bridge]

[on-screen text reads: Install Controls]

[on-screen text reads: Attach Pickguard]

[on-screen text reads: Install Tuners]

[on-screen text reads: Hug]

[on-screen text reads: Install Strap Button]

[on-screen text reads: Rock Out]

[on-screen text reads: Solder Controls]

[on-screen text reads: Solder Pickups]

[on-screen text reads: Solder Output Jack]

[on-screen text reads: Install Jack Plate]

Father: We are ready. It's all wired up. Just need to be strung up and that'll be ready to go. Are you excited? I think he's going to like it.

Try it out!

Uncle Dan: Hello? Hey.

Father: Hey, Big D.

Uncle Dan: Is that Henry back there?

Father: That is Henry back here. We wanted to share a little update on the Mini Telly that we've been working on.

Uncle Dan: Oh, boy.

Father: Are you ready for it?

Henry: You're going to like it. Trust me.

Uncle Dan: I trust you, man.

Father: [Inaudible 00:06:43].

Uncle Dan: Whoa.

Father: We got it all assembled this weekend.

Uncle Dan: Gosh.

Father: Look at that.

Uncle Dan: Yep, that's all mighty fine. Hey, Henry.

Henry: Yeah.

Uncle Dan: You know what? This is going to get you inspired. Do you know what that means?

Henry: Yep. Inspired means creative.

Father: Can we play a sound sample? You want to hear it?

Uncle Dan: Yeah.

Henry: Okay.

Father: I mean, obviously, I got a little distortion on there.

Uncle Dan: I need my earphones.

Father: It has been awesome to build this guitar. I was so surprised it came together so easily.

Uncle Dan: I bet you'll do another something.

Father: I think so, too. I actually want to build a full size guitar.

Uncle Dan: An acoustic guitar.

Father: Acoustic would be awesome. Anyway, we just wanted to share it with you.

Uncle Dan: Thank you so much. It's really cool.

Father: Yeah, it's really cool.

Uncle Dan: I'm proud of you, Henry. Proud.

Father: All right. See you, Big D.

[on-screen text reads: Special thanks to Dan, Henry & Alex]

Henry: It says, "Do not stack. Fragile." I didn't know it would be this value. Do not sit... You can't even stack it.

Father: You can't even stack it.

Henry: I could imagine me playing this.

Father: Me, too.

Henry: This looks so awesome. We could play this for days. That is a strong smell.

Father: That is a strong smell.

Henry: It's intense. I don't even like it at all.

Father: So what are you doing with your base right now?

Henry: Painting it.

Father: Just random designs?

Henry: Yes.

Father: Okay. Looks like we need a project to do together. Doesn't it seem like that? It works. It works. That is crazy. It works. Why don't you take a break and put another glove on your other hand, just so you don't have to worry about your hands getting super stainy, huh?

Henry: Yes.

Father: I don't think your mom would like that very much.

Henry: If I walked in and touched the TV remote...

Father: That would be..Henry: A disaster.

[on-screen text reads: Start your project today!]



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