Dunlop GCB95F Cry Baby Classic Wah Pedal Video

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The heart and soul of the original wah pedals was the legendary Fasel inductor, and the Cry Baby Classic has it.

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Jim Dunlop Presents]

The Cry Baby Legacy: Eric Gales

[Eric is playing an electric guitar and using the wah pedal]

Eric Gales: I started playing at four years old. So I would venture to say it was some of my earliest memories that my brother was letting me listen to Stevie Ray, Robin Trower, Frank Marino and Hendrix and all of those cats. And I heard it and it was then I was like, man, I would literally feel sorry for the guitar because I thought it was being hurt.

It's inevitable, you see it. Anybody that's an average layman can notice that there's something emotional going on with me when I play. I mean, it's just, I can't help it. Having said that, it's different tones that can come out of when I put the Wah-Wah on that helps enhance the emotion that I'm channeling out even more.

I absolutely think that the early Cry Baby is an essential tool for me. I don't feel comfortable if it's not down on the floor in front of me, whether I'm using it or not, whether I'm using it sporadically or a lot or here and there, and just having the access of when I'm ready to tap into that stratosphere that it's right there, just a click away. And it'll always be there in my chain.



Eric Gales

American Blues Rock Guitarist