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Exclusive to StewMac, these kits from Wilkinson have all the top quality woods and parts you're looking for. Unlike other kits you'll find, all of the hardware, custom pickups, and parts are already upgraded—it's like ordering a guitar from your favorite custom shop. With these premium parts and excellent workmanship it's so easy to build a guitar that's you'll love playing on your first try.

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Speaker 1: If you've ever thought about building your own guitar, you're going to want to check this out. It turns out that a kit is a great way to start to get a custom instrument that looks and plays exactly like you want. With a kit, you don't need a lot of tools or a lot of time. The body and neck are pre-shaped, and the frets are pre-installed. I've got to tell you, the fret work on this is nicer than some guitars that I've actually bought. With a high quality kit like this, all that works done right and it's done for you, as good or better than what you get from a major brand's custom shop.

Wilkinson electric guitar kits

This is a Wilkinson kit that's exclusive to StewMac, and this is a 1950s Vintage-S style. Premium wood body, two pieces of alder, center joined. You can barely even see the center joint. It's not a bunch of scraps like you'd find hidden under a veneer on a lot of other kits. The shape is dead on perfect, and it's sanded so smooth you barely need to do any sanding before you put a finish on it. The control cavities are routed super clean and accurate. Compare this to regular kits, they're just not going to match this quality of work.

The neck fits the body perfectly, not too loose, not too snug. Just enough room that when you put a finish on it, it's going to fit perfect. This is a one piece maple neck, not a glued on fretboard like you're going to find on a lot of less expensive kits. It's shaped just like the originals and it feels great in the hand. It's got the vintage skunk stripe. That's where the truss rod was installed. If you want to talk about attention to detail, look at the truss rod access point. On these Wilkinson kits it's well finished, nice and smooth, and most important, it's centered, which is not something you're going to find on every kit.

The peghead is already shaped, but there's enough wood there if you want to modify it for your own custom creation and make it any shape you want.

Period correct deluxe tuners

These are period correct deluxe tuners with fitted bushings. Honestly, these are the kind of tuners that you might upgrade other guitars with. Keeping with that attention to detail, because this is a vintage kit, this is a single ply pickguard, just like they used in the 50s.

Top-notch electronics

The electronics are top-notch. This is the kind of quality you'd buy to upgrade your favorite guitar. We've got genuine CTS Control Pots, an American made CRL Switch, and it's all wired up with cloth push-back wire.

These are Wilkinson vintage pickups and they're calibrated for balanced output from the neck, middle, and bridge position. Just like the originals, they've got Alnico V staggered pole piece magnets. Because it uses quality electronics to begin with, you're going to save money in the long run by not having to replace your pots, switch, and pickups to get a better sound and more vintage feel.

Legendary Wilkinson tremolo bridge

This is a Wilkinson tremolo bridge with bent steel saddles just like the original, and a solid steel block. Now, Trev Wilkinson created these kits and he's legendary for his exceptional guitar hardware. I really wish you could feel the difference between these two. There's no comparison. The solid steel block is just massive. It's got great weight and you're going to get great sustain compared to the bridge that you might find in a less expensive kit that made out of pot metal, it's about half the thickness and weight-wise, it might as well be made out of paper mache.

This bridge has Wilkinson's 5+1 mounting system. Only one of the mounting holes is round and the other five are oblong. This way, you don't have to worry about your bridge binding up on the mounting screws. There's no worry about misfit mounting holes on this kit.

Wilkinson kits are available exclusively at StewMac, and StewMac's going to help you build a great guitar even if it's your first build. We've got good instructions and legit qualified guitar techs and builders here to answer your questions and make sure that your build goes right.

Did we mention that we have tools? Go to to find this and other high quality Wilkinson Electric Guitar Kits.



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