Build Your First Custom Effects Pedal

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StewMac now has several new, easy-to-build effects pedal kits. No matter if this is your first (EVER) electronic project or you're a pro with a soldering iron, these fun weekend projects are a great way to start building your own custom pedals.

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: What is this? StewMac's got new pedal kits? What's that, you say? You've never built a pedal kit before? Well, you, my friend, are in good company.

Nick: What's up, guys? I'm Nick.

Zach: I'm Zach.

Nick: We're going to put together a pedal kit.

Speaker 4: Today, I'm going to be building StewMac's new Fan Tremolo Pedal Kit.

Speaker 5: Let's see what's in the box.

Speaker 6: I don't have a whole lot of experience.

Nick: We've never done it before. Probably got more experience than I do, but not a lot.

Zach: Not a lot. We'll see if we can't ruin this thing.

Larry: Hey, I'm Larry. I'm going to build this Interval Fuzz from StewMac.

Nick: And we're going to give this a try, so here we go.

Zach: Let's do it.

Speaker 5: Getting to business.

Larry: Okay, here's the quick layout of the parts.

Speaker 8: All the parts have names and numbers, so it's really easy to make sure you got everything in the right position.

Speaker 6: Going to put them on the circuit board now. The diodes go first.

Speaker 8: We're starting to get some parts in here.

Speaker 6: The idea is to make joints quickly without scorching the eyelets. It's good to know.

Speaker 4: We got all the resistors and transistors soldered in next on to capacitors.

Larry: Just soldered in the socket. Now going to put this spider looking guy in its little web here.

Speaker 6: It's starting to look like something now.

Nick: There it is.

Speaker 5: There it is.

Speaker 8: Jack's here to check out the progress. Okay, maybe he's not.

Zach: Got our lead wires strip.

Nick: Let's put them in.

Zach: It's coming down to the wire.

Speaker 5: It's got all of its innards.

Speaker 6: All right. This is what it ought to look like.

Speaker 4: Last solder joint down. Close this up.

Speaker 5: Some googly eyes and a hot glue gun.

Zach: Put some gold tape on this thing.

Nick: Actually kind of hurts to look at.

Speaker X: Added a little green banana for appeal.

Speaker 6: I'm going to add some flair to my pedal. Some fuzz to my fuzz.

Speaker 5: What do you think? Pretty good.

Zach: Test it out. See if it works.

Speaker 4: Great kit. Really a lot of fun putting it together.

Speaker 5: I picked the most basic one, but now I'm kind of inspired to go for something a little more challenging.

Speaker 4: I'm going to go play some more, explore a little further.

Speaker 1: Pick a kit, order it, get building, and get planned.



StewMac Tech Team

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