StewMac Tilt Router Base Instructions

A pivoting, height adjustable, compact attachment for your Dremel.


The Tilt Router Base fits these rotary tools with a 3/4-12 threaded plastic collar:

  • Most Dremel models made since 1986
  • Black & Decker Wizard™ & RTX™
  • #5332 Foredom Custom Handpiece from StewMac

It has a built-in dust-blowing nozzle for attaching our #5262 Mini Air Pump to continuously blow away the dust while routing.

The base plate is drilled and tapped to fit our #4043 Saddle Routing Jig, #0686 Soundhole and Rosette Jig, and the #4324 Edge Guide.

Parts of the Tilt Router Base

Setup Instructions

Set the tilt angle before attaching the Tilt Router Base to your rotary tool.

Loosen the two pivot screws using the 3.5mm hex key provided. Tilt the base to the required angle and firmly tighten the pivot screws.

To set a measured angle, use our #4925 Angle Gauge as a reference. In the photo below, the Angle Gauge is held upright in the jaws of our #1816 Nut+Saddle Vise. The Tilt Base rests on the vise as it’s adjusted to match the angle gauge.

Remove your rotary tool’s threaded plastic collar to reveal the threads for attaching the Tilt Base. Install your router bit in the collet and tighten securely.

Screw the Tilt Base onto the rotary tool until it’s snug.

To set the cutting depth, loosen the two locking posts and use the height adjustment wheels. One complete rotation equals .035" (.889mm).

Turn one wheel to set the depth, and tighten its locking post. Adjust the second wheel so it’s snug against the crossbar, and tighten its locking post.

Set the angle
Set a measured angle using our #4925 Angle Gauge.
Routing Jig
Use the Tilt Router Base with StewMac’s #4043 Saddle Routing Jig to cut tilt-back saddle slots.

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