StewMac Plunge Router Base Instructions

Operation instructions


Plunge Router Base fits these rotary tools with a 3/4-12 threaded plastic collar:

  • Most Dremel models made since 1986
  • Black & Decker Wizard and RTX
  • Foredom Custom Handpiece from StewMac

Before attaching the Plunge Router Base, unscrew the threaded plastic collar from the rotary tool, and install the desired cutter bit in the collet. Screw the Plunge Router Base onto the tool until snug.

Plunge Router Base

Ball grips + plunge lock

The ball grips used to guide the tool also control the plunge lock. Loosen the grips to plunge, then tighten to lock the unit in place.

Primary depth stop adjustment

Some bits are longer than others so the amount of downward plunge needed can vary. Use the primary adjustment knob on the back of the unit to get you in the ballpark, then use the micro adjustment to dial in your exact depth. This adjustment has approximately 1/2" of plunge depth.

Micro depth stop adjustment

Set the micro depth stop adjustment to be in the middle of its plunge for adjustment in either direction. Each full turn of the knurled knob gives around 1/32" of adjustment.

LED light

The rechargeable LED light cycles through three brightness settings. The included micro USB charging cable can be used with any USB power adapter capable of handling 500 mAh.

Dust-blowing nozzle

Built-in nozzle for attaching our Mini Air Pump to continuously blow away the dust while routing.

Base plate

The base plate is drilled and tapped to fit our Soundhole/Rosette Routing Jig, Saddle Routing Jig, and Edge Guide.

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