Why do you have so many guitars?!

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Issue 223 August 14, 2014

Dakota Dave Hull is a pro touring guitarist, a veteran of years on the road. Lugging a half dozen heavy guitar cases, he stopped by Dan Erlewine’s shop and answered some questions, starting with “Why so many?!"

Whether he's performing at the renowned Caffe Lena or at a house concert in the Midwest, Dave carries a lot of guitars. We’re pleased that all of these guitars have Waverly tuners, available exclusively from Stewart-MacDonald!

Dakota Dave’s guitars in this video:
Fairbanks Guitars’ DDH Custom Jumbo, based on Dave's 1935 Gibson
New Era Guitars’ DDH Signature Big Boy by Tony Klassen
Hoffman Guitars’ 3/4 size Piccolo with a 22.5" scale length
National Guitars’ Tricone and El Trovador Baritone resonator guitars

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • What one guitar can’t do, another can — Dave plays examples
  • Microphone placement for acoustic guitars
  • Dave’s big hands form chords that Dan could never manage!
  • Rubber mutes dampen sympathetic ringing at the peghead

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