Why Build a StewMac Acoustic Guitar Kit?

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If you've ever thought about building your own acoustic guitar, but weren't sure where to start, you should check out one of our Acoustic Guitar Kits.

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Speaker 1: Have you ever thought about building your own guitar? Something you can handcraft yourself, customize all the little details, even pass down as an heirloom for generations to come. This is the StewMac Acoustic Guitar Kit. We call it a kit. It's really your doorway into the world of guitar building. Choose between solid, triple A classic tone woods like spruce, Indian rosewood, and mahogany. We've done all the critical machining of the next, backs and sides right here in our Ohio shop, where every piece is inspected to make sure you're getting top quality components.

You don't need a big workshop or a bunch of tools. We've made an instruction booklet and a video that's included with the kit to help guide you through the process. You've got a slotted fretboard, shaped neck, pre-slotted bone nut, shaped bone saddle, inlays, bindings, precut molds to help with your assembly. That's a lot of work saved when you're making a custom hand-built guitar. If this is your first build, you'll walk away with a great sounding, beautiful guitar to be proud of. If you've already got great building skills, what you're able to make with this kit is a true heirloom. Buy a kit, build an heirloom.



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