A Better Way to Ship a Guitar

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If you've ever shipped a guitar before you know it can be frustrating. We have seen a lot of crazy ways people have shipped guitars over the years, but we really got excited about this new Aeris System. It's one of the safest methods we've ever seen—plus it is easy, convenient and affordable.

Here's what's covered in the video:

A better way to ship a guitar

Shipping a guitar used to be a hassle. You have to find a good, solid box and it has to be the right size. If it's too big, you'll pay extra for shipping. Then there's packing material. Newspaper compresses and gets smaller. Bubble wrap leaks hair and you end up with too much space in the box. That's what breaks guitars. Poor padding and room to knock around during shipping.

Aeris guitar shipping system is convenient, secure and saves you money

StewMac’s Aeris Guitar Shipping System changes all of that. It's a super secure way to hold the guitar during shipment. The Aeris system stores flat and takes up very little space. Look how small these are. This is a 3-pack - three complete shipping boxes with three sets of inflatables, all in a box that's small enough to store anywhere. Now you no longer have to buy or find a place to store bulky shipping supplies. It's an amazing system. Aeris is the industry leader supplying guitar manufacturers and large businesses. StewMac has partnered with Aeris so our customers can buy this guitar shipping system, too. There are versions for an acoustic guitar in its case, for an electric guitar in its case. And, here's something really special, a secure system for shipping a naked guitar, without any case. There's a version for bare electric guitars and another for bare acoustics, exclusively from StewMac.

Aeris inflatables are strong and resilient

You can get 3-packs and 6-packs of complete guitar shipping systems and a handy pump, too. We also offer a foot pedal valve for inflating from your shop's air compressor. That's handy if you ship a lot. Let's pull one from this 3-pack and see how it works. Each individual cell inflates from this one point and when they're full, they seal themselves shut. If you were to cut one cell open, the others wouldn’t lose any air. They're super firm and resilient. Not like bubble wrap.

Secured from all sides, your guitar will be safe

You can turn the corners of this bottom cushion inward, like this, to help cradle the curves of the guitar case. Now, fit the bottom cushion onto the end of the guitar case, and put the guitar with the endcap in the box. Slide the cardboard support beam down over the guitar neck. This keeps it from moving and also provides added support for the center of the box. Now, add the top cushion. See how these two points stick up? That's part of the design. They press against the end of the box so the guitar can't shift around inside it all. Just seal it up and you're ready to ship. It’s secure and lightweight and it's really solid. You've only added air. No extra weight to pay for in shipping plus the length and width of the box are precisely figured to keep your shipping costs down. Your guitar is ready to survive trucks airports or whatever else comes its way.



Aaron Smiley

StewMac Technical Advisor

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