How to Thread a Truss Rod

Cut clean factory-quality threads using these steps.


Our Traditional Truss Rod is a stainless steel rod 3/16" in diameter, which can be cut to any length. Before using the cutting die, prepare the end of the rod by beveling it using a grinder, sander or file. This bevel helps the cutting die fit squarely on the rod, and gives the teeth a good surface to begin cutting.

Bevel the rod - Before
Bevel the rod - After

Hold the beveled rod in a vise, pointing up so you can turn the die down onto it. Put a little machine oil or cutting lube on the end.

Tighten the die in your wrench or cutting handle. Notice that one side of the die has a wider opening; place this side onto the rod.

Make a couple of turns to start the thread. Some people find they prefer to start the threads by hand, with the die held in a 1" wrench socket. (The tubular shape of the socket makes it easy to see that the die isn't crooked.)

Once you've established the thread, make one turn of the die, then stop and back up a half-turn. This half-turn back clears the metal cuttings from the die. Clear the cuttings with a small brush, then make another full turn forward. Stop and half-turn back. Clear the cuttings. Continue with this one turn forward/half-turn back method until you've cut all the thread you need.

Cutting the thread on a truss rod

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