Guitar Vise Tool Table Instructions

Make your vise your favorite place to work. This tool table fits all versions of the Guitar Repair Vise. All you'll need to install it is just a couple of wrenches.


Remove the bolt from rear of slide

Remove the nut and bolt from the rear of the slide, these will be discarded. Leave the spacer tube in place.

Removing the bolt

Mount the magnet

A 1" magnet and screw are included to hold tools, rulers, etc. Mount the magnet in a location on the top or bottom of the board that best suits your needs.

Mounting the magnet

Line up the table bracket with hole in slide

Lay the table on the slide and line up the hole on the mounting bracket with the hole on the slide.

Lining up the table bracket

Run a new bolt through bracket, spacer, and slide

Place a flat washer on the bolt and run it through the holes in the mounting plate and slide, through the spacer tube, and out through the other side of the slide. Install the remaining flat washer and nut and tighten until snug.

Tightening the bolt

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