Guitar Repair Vise Installation Instructions

Set up directions for the Guitar Repair vise.


First you must decide just where the vise is to be mounted, set the vise temporarily on its three-legged base to check your proposed location for usability and to make sure it will not interfere with anything else in this location. Rotate the vise to double check the spot. Be sure there is room under the bench to accept the mounting rod and large mounting wing nut. When you are sure of the location, mark the center of the vise base on the bench. Drill a 5/8" diameter hole, perpendicular to the bench top.

Thread the end of the mounting rod with the short threads into the bottom of the vise. Use the tightening flats on the rod with a wrench and tighten it into the vise.

Mount the vise in the benchtop by inserting the mounting rod through the support base and into the hole in the bench. Under the benchtop, place the large washer on the rod and tighten the wing nut. You can rotate the vise at any time by loosening the wing nut.

Mount the vise
Mount the vise

Adhere the urethane linings to the wooden jaws using slow set epoxy or super glue.

The padded jaws should rotate freely without being loose. Adjust them by turning the 3/4" locknut on each jaw. If adjusting the locknut turns the vise jaw pivot shaft instead, remove the 3/4" locknut and completely remove the jaw. Tighten the pivot shaft using the milled flats and a wrench.

The optional quick turn handle can be attached to the handwheel that operates the vise. Insert the long machine screw through the wide end of the black plastic handle and thread the 5/16" nut onto the machine screw up against the handle. Slide the 5/16" lock washer (included with these instructions) onto the machine screw and using a screwdriver thread the machine screw into the vise handwheel.

Optional quick turn handle

Just as the lock washer begins to compress, stop tightening the screw. Now tighten the 5/16" nut against the lock washer and the handwheel using the screwdriver to keep the machine screw from rotating. This should allow the quick turn handle to rotate freely on the machine screw.

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