Wiring the CTS DPDT Push-Pull Pot

How to wire the CTS DPDT Push Pull Pots.


Unlike other push pull pots on the market which use mini-pots, these top quality push pulls are made from full size CTS pots. The solder terminals are laid out a little differently, but the connections are electrically the same. The diagram below shows how the terminal assignments translate from one style to the other.

Typical push-pull-pot Alpha or mini toggle
CTS push-pull-pot

Phase switch with itself
Wiring the CTS DPDT Push-pull Pots

Note: The wire color codes shown above match our StewMac Humbucker Pickups.

Push-Pull Pot Basics

This is yet another powerful tool to the guitar builder or repairman. Two electrically independent components are controlled by a single knob shaft. When the shaft is rotated, the potentiometer (and whatever it's wired to do) is operated. You can also pull up on the knob shaft, which will change the on/on switch from its "down" position to the "up" position. Remember, the pot and the switch are separate components, so there is no interaction between them unless you wire the push-pull pot to do so.

This diagram helps to demonstrate the lug assignment of the switch in the two positions:

Lug assignment position 1
Lug assignment position 2

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